The Education Cess is collected under “Workers Children Ordinance 1972”. Those companies/organizations/firms which exist within the territorial jurisdiction of Islamabad and consist of ten (10) or more than ten employees are liable to pay this tax. 98% Amount collected under this tax is utilized for the welfare/support of the DC office staff’s children education and 02% used by the Excise and Taxation Department.

STEP – 1 :

It can be paid by two methods which are:

• Applicant comes to Excise & Taxation Department for the payment of concerned tax. OR
• Deputed official inspects the offices in different areas of Islamabad and collect the tax from tax defaulters.

STEP – 2 :

1. Application to ETO on office letter pad.
2. Completely filled and signed form EC – I.
3. Copy of National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate.
4. Employees List alongwith their Salaries detail.
5. Paid Fee Challan.

STEP – 3 :

Rate : Rs. 100 / employee / annum
• Fee Challan(s) should be paid in SBP, Islamabad/ NBP, E&TD branch, Islamabad
(98% amount in Account No.: G-12504 and 02% amount in Account No. B – 03021)