Entertainment duty is collected under the Ordinance Act 1958. Entertainment duty is implemented on all those events which are organized for entertainment and charge some amount in the shape of entry tickets. According to the ordinance 100% duty will be charged on such functions.


Applicant (Event organizers) should inform about the function and submit their required documents in advance, which are mentioned below:

1. Application to ETO.
2. Brochure/Pamphlet of the function (details about the purpose and nature of the function).
3. Schedule of the function, which contains information about date, timing and place of the function.
4. Rate of the entry pass/ticket.


Rate: According to the ordinance act 1958, it will charge 100% entertainment duty of the function / event. (It means if organizer charge Rs. 500/ticket then duty shall be Rs. 500/ticket. At the end customer will pay Rs. 1000/ticket), But now it is revised to 50% by the order of Cheif Commessioner, Islamabad.