Excise & Taxation Department, Islamabad is a part of Islamabad Capital Territory Administration and is housed in F-8 Markaz. The premises are visited by hundreds of applicants/persons daily. The Department is in the midst of transformation these days whereby from just another government department, it is being converted into a role model of service delivery for other government offices. Accordingly, a large number of reforms are being introduced in almost all aspects of functioning of the Department. The following tasks are performing for the improvement of the Department functioning:
Excise & Taxation Department, Islamabad always try to take new and postive initiatives for the betterment of Department and its functionaltiy. In this respect, Department is going to introduce new and more annovated Number Plates.

As part of achieving the goals of good governance, ETD, being part of the ICT Administration of Interior, has envisaged to ensure transparent and efficient excise and taxation that has a high value-addition to the existing system.
Thus, Excise & Taxation Department is desirous of introducing a Secure and Valid Document for the Vehicle Owner in ICT in the form of Smart Card. ETD is introducing Smart Card based Vehicle ID Card for Motor Vehicle Registration as a replacement to existing Form G issued by ETD, ICT. 

Following are few other prominent Initiatives taken by The Excise & Taxation Deaprtment, Islamabad:
  1. Website of the Department is launched.

  2. Bank Kiosk is being established within the premises of Excise & Taxation Department, Islamabad for on spot deposition of fee and taxes.

  3. Data Verification Service being initiated for verification of documents at the time of transaction.

  4. One window facility is being introduced for Women, Senior Citizens, special persons and retired government savants.